Saturday, July 07, 2007

Oh dear

I made another. This time it's Paul. I think it's pretty good - what doi you think, PT?

Friday, July 06, 2007

And another one

Here's the one I made for Rob. The nearest thing to his favourite blue fleece is a blue aran, but it's near enough. Why no sailing boats? Well, I suppose his beloved Mac will have to do - not as sexy as Fidelio though.

Everybody's got a Wee Me so I had to make one too. She's a pretty good likeness, although there was no facility to add wrinkles - maybe at that size they don't show!

Today was Croc test-run day. My neighbour, Phyl, and I both bought colourful clogs the other day so today we took the dogs and road-tested our new acquisitions at the beach at Ardentinny. Mine are red and hers are blue but both colours performed perfectly. After stumping along the stony path (nice and squishy so you don't feel the stones), we swished through the long grass of the meadow (wet but who cares), tromped over the sand (not too much sandy intrusion) and finally paddled in the 'sea' (lovely - no sharp shells cutting into the tootsies). Then we swapped one each and came back one red, one blue. Luckily we only met one couple - English tourists, so I expect they thought odd-shoe wearing was a weird local custom. As for the dogs - even Jess consented to get her toes wet since I was paddling and JD lollopped joyously in and out of the water, making sure it wasn't just our fancy new clogs that got wet!