Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Here is Paul with the latest addition to the Heathbank kennel club. Not sure who is cuter. However, looks belie nature - apparently Loki's already managed to dispatch a pigeon that unwisely landed near his marauding paw. J and J both did likewise when puppies. Hmm - maybe that's pigeons' raison d'etre - as puppy prey.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Two for the price of one

My blog has been the subject of much complaint (again) from family and friends because I don't update. Well today you all get a bargain - two together.

Sunday saw me uncharacteristically absent from church - missing our Lambeth bishop. Luckily Mrs Blethers has plenty to say about that so off you go over there and read about it. As for me, I was at my friend Jennifer's daughter's wedding in Carmunnock.

My record at weddings is not great. The last one I went to - my God-daughter's - had me arriving at the wrong church and consequently arriving late at the right one, and driving back to the hotel sitting in a huge puddle (and no, I'm not that incontinent!) because we left the sun-roof open and there was a thunderstorm, then having to sidle into the hotel looking as if I was that incontinent! In view of that, I decided to leave the linen at home and opted for the high heels and chiffon look so beloved of wedding attendees of a certain age. And yes, I know I am that certain age - that's why I wore it! I nearly asked Mrs Blethers for a loan of her black wedding hat, and indeed it wouldn't have gone amiss, for hats and kilts and posh frocks were the order of the day.

But it was lovely to meet up with old friends again. We're still the staffroom babes from Calderwood. I hope you'll agree!

That's the mother of the bride, glowing in azure btw


I love Tuesday mornings. It's not a swimming day so I don't have to rush out with my cozzie and a second cup of tea in one of those mug/flask thingies (most of which leak btw). Taking my 'standing-up' pill (alendronic acid for the bones) means I'm not allowed to do anything that requires bending for at least half an hour after getting up, so the morning chores are put on hold. It sounds like a good time to pray, but my method of praying doesn't always work like that, although it is a good time to think about people who might require my attention. Today it's still raining, but with a promise of it clearing up, so I can put off the garden until later. What bliss - maybe I'll post on my blog.