Sunday, March 23, 2008

Post Easter Post

I have my usual post-Easter headache. Huh! I can't even say it's due to too much chocolate since I've not even opened my two Easter eggs yet (although chocolate cravings have been satisfied by other means - cake and mini-eggs). Anyway, by the wonders of modern medicine I hope to keep the yukkies at bay.

I watched the last episode of the BBC's version of the Passion last night and found myself wishing for more. I'd like to have followed the disciples a bit further. I thought the post-Easter Jesus was cleverly and interestingly portrayed as someone almost like the actor but not quite until all the disciples believed and then it was Joseph Mawle again. I was unimpressed by the stone they used to seal the grave - it looked like something they bought from B & Q made of concrete. Surely it should have been a bit heftier. There were a lot of good little touches, like the way Mary pressed the shroud to Jesus' face - hints that even if the Turin Shroud is a fake there was a real one with the imprint of his face on it. I liked the fact that they didn't do a John Wayne moment after Jesus died (surely this man was the Son of God) but simply gave us a telling shot of the chief centurian's face later.

All together I thought it did the BBC proud. They tried to give a balanced and realistic view of what might have happened, no sentimentality and although the brutality of the whole crucifixion sequence was shocking, they didn't dwell on it overly. The scenes with Jesus' mother were wonderful and her face will haunt me for a long time. The words of the 'Stabat Mater' ring so true

Friday, March 21, 2008

Holy Week

The daffodils are out, Rob's working on the boat - it must be spring! Not that you'd know it by the air temperature and it's blowing a gale, but at least it's sunny. Not great for spending lots of time in church though and my feet and bum have been permanently freezing this Holy Week. Christine's written very eloquently about the whole thing in her blog. The wind, the cold, the creaking tree - it all added to the atmosphere, weirdly. So did the vandals, who chose Thursday night to mess up the church porch with inane scribblings and a fire - all very symbolic. Kimberly has pictures here.

I just want to add my take on part of yesterday's Good Friday devotions. As six of us, all women, walked the way of the cross, it occurred to me how fitting that was. Women feature in all but one of the positive roles in that heartbreaking journey: Mary, Jesus' mother, and her companions, St. Veronica, the daughters of Jerusalem. Interestingly, I noticed in last night's BBC version of the Passion that St Veronica's role, wiping the blood and sweat from Jesus' face, was taken by a man.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

New trick

I had to try it. My new phone was clearly keen that I should blog this photo of a pirate pooch resting in the newly covered chair. Sadly, I have no idea how to change the orientation of the picture so he'll have to be sideways for now :(

Later: Thank you, clever reader, for re-orientation. Frances, you can put your head upright again now.

Sunday, March 02, 2008


Alas for the Heathbank mice, the mouse-cupboard is being mouse-proofed. I don't know what we're going to call it if the repairs work, but unlike the mice, I shall be very happy if it works. Does this mean my packets of tea, flour and other food items will remain pristine and untasted by tiny raiders? I'm keeping my fingers crossed,