Friday, August 06, 2010

I think the sermon's finished. I do enjoy poking around and trying to come up with something that people might want to listen to. I even quite enjoy delivering it, presumably because even after retirement I retain that annoying teachers' trait that compels me to impart information to anyone who'll listen. It's especially exciting if I've only just found stuff out for myself, so the research is probably the most important and enjoyable part. As a lay person I can't preach as such. I can only read, research and share my ideas, and if anyone wants to argue with me, I'm cool with that so long as they don't get nasty.

But it all takes time. I can't imagine how it must be to have to come up with something every week. I suppose people ordained folk have a good theological training behind them. I can only hope that if it works, God must be in there somewhere.

So we'll see how my take on the Transfiguration goes.

In other news, I made bagels yesterday and they're pretty good. However they don't quite have the chewiness of the authentic ones we used to get in school. Maybe they need to be boiled for longer.

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RevAndrew said...

Hi Di! Glad you gave people plenty to chew on (bagels and talk!)

Coming up with something every week - we just have to hope that God has something to say to us every week...