Thursday, March 23, 2006

Ain't technology wonderful?

Last night I had my first taste of iChat's video link chat. It's really awesome - Skype with pictures! My husband Rob is in London setting up a computer for a colleague. They each got the camera so that they could conference (can that be a verb?) while working at the computer. It's just a wee gizmo that sits on top of the computer, and although seeing myself on camera is always a shock - where did all those wrinkles and grey hair come from? I still feel 16, dammit - it was great to see Rob and Bill (neither of whom appear to have *any* wrinkles) and to 'look' around Bill's new flat. The dogs went bananas when they heard Rob's voice in the room and rushed to the door to greet him, barking joyously, but eventually settled down once he didn't actually appear - just another human mystery dogs have to live with, like why their owners could possibly eat smoked salmon without sharing.

Okay, next time I'm on video link I'm going to put on some make-up and brush my hair *g*


Chris said...

So does one actually look *worse* on video link? or just very close-up? :-(

duffy said...
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duffy said...

It's great eh? I have the mac with the icam built-in and it's such fun! However, I always look hellish on it and now feel I should prepare myself as though I were going on a night out just to look half-way decent.

Chris - you want to purchase and icam now, don't you? ;-P